The Job That Allows You To Work Anywhere (well almost anywhere…)

The Job Where You Can Work AnywhereThe Job That Allows You To Work Anywhere

Are you tired of your commute?  Do you want to move but can’t because you are stuck due to your job’s location?  Do you dream of traveling the World?  We all get sick of the day to day grind at times.  Our hopes and dreams can start to grow big and sometimes you want to turn them into reality.  Or maybe your job is truly horrible and you desperately need a change.

Becoming a content creator online can make that change happen.  Writing ebooks, creating courses, filming video tutorials, etc. is a job that allows you to work anywhere (well almost anywhere…).  You will need an internet connection so that may limit how far you can go off the grid if that is your big dream.  And you will need a high-speed internet connection if you plan on creating any video content or you will likely smash your computer in frustration.

One of the BEST things about my job is that I can work anywhere.  We are not in a situation where we can move around right now although I would love to someday.  With 5 of our 6 children attending school and my husband working full time as a school administrator, moving is not on our radar.  BUT, this job does require me to work a few hours a day just about every day of the week and I can do that anywhere.  It may not be glamorous where I work but it makes our daily lives so much easier.

Before I started full time as a content creator, I provided physical therapy for children and adults.  I am a licensed Physical Therapist in addition to being an author.  I happen to love helping others and working with children especially.  What I didn’t love was the chaos that ensued at home while I was at work.  The juggling of schedules, house duties and chores was a NIGHTMARE!  My biggest stressor was what to do when the children got sick (one year we had 14 cases of strep throat cycle through the house again and again).  Who would take off to stay home?  Who would leave work to pick up a sick child?  Then as the children got older, it became who will pick them up after school?  Who will watch the school sporting event?  Who will pick up the 2-year-old from the babysitter?  Almost all of the answers to those questions was me.  Not because my husband wasn’t willing, but he has a long commute and it would be almost impossible for him to be able to pick up the children after school without leaving work super early every single day.  A few years ago, I made the decision to stop working outside the home and focus all my efforts on operating my websites and creating content (mostly ebooks).

What a relief it was!  Children are sick – no big deal I can work anywhere.  Kids need a ride home from school – not a problem, I’m working from home.  Laundry is piling up – I can change loads in between blog posts.  We want to go camping – no need to call out, grab my computer and my hotspot and open up my “office” lakeside.  We take a trip to a city to do some sightseeing – grab my computer and relocate to another “office”.  And of course, because all of the income I earn is passive income that adds a completely different bonus level to the job.  If I choose to simply take the day off that doesn’t affect my income that day (which is unusual for small business owners).

So, if you are in the market for a job that allows you to work anywhere start getting your creative juices flowing and begin with content creation.  Read more on how to get started and the benefits of passive income.

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