The ONE Business Decision That Changed My Life

The One Business Decision that Changed My Life

Over 10 years ago, I made ONE major business decision that changed my life.  And, I don’t mean a small change, this ONE decision completely changed my life.  Before I get to the major decision, I need to provide a little back story.

Growing up, I always wanted to be a doctor but when college time rolled around and I saw how many years I had to sign on for to become a medical doctor, I quickly realized that dream would not be coming true.  I just did not want to go to school for that long.  After researching different careers in the health care field I decided to become a Physical Therapist.  I completed my undergraduate degree and went on to receive my Master of Physical Therapy.  I started working and enjoyed my career choice.  I worked three jobs (all in different aspects of physical therapy) just because I liked it that much and wanted to get as much experience under my belt as I could.  During this time, I also got married and started a life together with my husband.  Fast forward about 5 years and we were expecting our first born.  Many times during the nine months of pregnancy, I discussed how I would always be a working mom.  How could I not continue my amazing career?  Then labor kicked in and the second I gave birth, I looked at the baby and shortly after looked at my husband and jokingly said: “you better get a part time job because how can I leave her”.  I did return to work and cried every day.  It was not for me but at the time neither my husband nor I felt we could survive on one income.  About 6 months went by, when due to serious medical issues (cancer – a longer blog post for another day), I had to quit my job in order to survive.

Therefore, the decision was made for us.  We had to make it on one income.  And we did.  Years went by while I stayed home after remission and our family grew to 4 children.  I enjoyed staying home most days but missed the fulfillment of “paid” work.  I continued to always stay updated on current physical therapy research and topics.  One day, a lightbulb went off, to create forms for pediatric therapists in print and DIGITAL format.  They sold!  And quite well I might add.  So I created more digital documents.

And so it began, the ONE business decision I made to create digital documents literally changed my life!

Here were the major game changers to my life regarding creating digital documents:

  1. I could work any time of the day i.e. after the kids went to bed, when my husband was home to help, etc.
  2. I could work from home.  For me, it was the best of both worlds.  I wanted to be home with my children but also wanted to work.
  3. I was earning passive income.  Even on days I was unable to work, I was still earning money.

As the business grew, I began blogging to help drive traffic to the website and officially became a blauthor (a blogging author).  And that too was a success!  Fast forward 10 years later, 6 children total, 2 more websites and the business continues to generate significant passive income.  In hind sight, the day I sat down to create my first digital document for resale was definitely the ONE business decision that changed my life!

What is the one decision you have made that changed your life?

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The ONE business decision that changed my life