You Can Do It as a Blogger

You Can Do It

This is what I keep telling myself – “You can do it”.  You can start this website and make it HUGE!  That is my goal and I feel like I can do it. Not tomorrow, not next week but in several months I do believe I can do it!

Part of my confidence stems from the fact that I have already created two successful websites over the past 10 plus years as a blogging author.  This experience has made me realize that there is something HUGE missing in the “blogosphere” and hopefully this website will meet the needs of bloggers who are also authors.

The title of author has metamorphosed into an entire new job.  There are authors who write novels for big publishers, authors who write textbooks, authors who write non-fiction materials and then there are all of us bloggers who are also authors for every blog post, article and electronic or print books that we write.  This website is for us, the blauthors (blogger + author = blauthor).

Here are the current goals of

  1. marketplace for royalty free images, music and videos.
  2. marketplace for digital ebooks, courses, webinars and PDFs for many different genres.
  3. individual shops for different blauthors with monthly payments.

If we all collaborate and sell in one location, we can all help each other.

For example, do you have high quality, extra photos or video footage that you have taken just sitting on your computer?  Maybe you can bundle them together for royalty free use and sell them.  Have you written a cookbook, activity book, finance book, or whatever the topic, blogger’s will know when they shop on blauthors, they are supporting other blogger’s sales.

To begin, I will slowly add products and encourage other blauthors (blogging authors) to do the same!