Dream Big Be the Best Blogger You Can Be

Dream Big - Be the Best Blogger You Can Be

Dream Big Be the best blogger that you can be!  Blogging is a funny thing to me – it is really a cross between a hobby and a full time job.  Or in my own case, I get paid to do my “crafting”.  I happen to LOVE blogging.  Let me explain.  First of all, I am definitely a dreamer.  Always have been.  And I dream big.  In some ways, it pays off (literally) but even when it doesn’t pay off I still enjoy it along the way.

For example, I started out Your Therapy Source with one download over 10 years ago.  Downloads were highly unusually.  Customers were still much more comfortable with printed materials.  Lucky for me, pediatric therapy was a niche that was in high need of information and materials.  Thanks to my big dreams I have created hundreds of digital downloads and Your Therapy Source is a highly profitable company.  It is a blogger’s dream come true.  And I still enjoy most of the work (I could do without the marketing).  I also operate another website, Growing Play, to represent my mommy and family side.  This is much tougher and crowded market but I am still profitable.  It is harder to get noticed for sure today than it was 10 years ago.

Blauthors is a big dream (maybe a HUGE dream) but I will plod away at making it come true.  As a blogging author, it is my opinion that we (bloggers of all niches) are all way too scattered.  Some only sell on their website, some only sell on Amazon kindle, some only sell on etsy, some on TeacherspayTeachers, etc.  Which is great – I sell on several different online retailers as well because it brings in different revenue streams attracting various customer bases. I also realize though that being so scattered doesn’t help us all in the long run.  We need one directory where we all sell.  Many of you may say there is one already – Amazon Kindle.  And I completely disagree.  Most of my digital documents needs to be saved or printed to be utilized.  Kindle does not offer that option.  Not to mention, we get LOST on Amazon among big time publishers.

Blauthors can help to create a directory and a store all at the same time.  So call me a dreamer – go ahead.  But I will keep dreaming big!

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Dream Big - Be the Best Blogger You Can Be