Colorful Could Backgrounds

Colorful Cloud Backgrounds FREE Perfect for Pinterest

Colorful Cloud Backgrounds I don’t know about you but I waste a TON of time on finding images for my blog.  It is to the point that hunting for good images has become part hobby, part obsession, and part ridiculousness.  Here is how it usually goes down – I have an idea for a blog […]

Free Pastel Backgrounds Commercial Use

Free Pastel Backgrounds for Commercial Use

Free Pastel Backgrounds for Commercial Use – These classy, modern pretty pastels freebie is from the complete Pretty Pastels packet of 42 images.  These colors are fresh, light and beautiful!  These two backgrounds are perfect for social media quotes or any of your commercial use designs.  Download your free pastel backgrounds at the end of […]

Black and Gold Glitter Background Images Free

Black and gold glitter background images seem to be all the rage right now on Pinterest, blogs and Instagram.  I created a brand new commercial use collection of Glitter and Stripes backgrounds and these 2 images are from the pack.  Of course, the best thing about these images is that they can be used commercially […]

Brainstorm ebook from blauthors

Brainstorm Your Ebook to Jump Start Your Blogging Profits

In my 10+ years of experience the best way to become a profitable blogger is to create digital content to support your blog niche.  Many bloggers may feel nervous or overwhelmed to even consider writing an ebook, but trust me after writing hundreds of them it is not that difficult.  You just need to take […]

Colorful Dots and Stripes FREE from blauthors

20 Colorful Dots and Stripes Images Commercial Use – FREE!

Here is a great FREE colorful dots and stripes images commercial use pack of high quality square jpgs.  There are 10 images with no overlay and 10 images with a white, transparent square overlay.  These are great to jump start your social media and blog posts.  The biggest benefit is that you can use these […]

Sunset Stock Photos Free from blauthors

Sunset Stock Photos Free for Pinterest and Instagram

Are you tired of searching and searching for stock photos, then finding the one you want only to be completely confused by the terms of use?  I certainly am!  As a blogger, I definitely spend a lot of time searching for photos only to be bogged down even further by checking whether and how I […]

Social Media Quickstarters

Social Media Quickstarters Freebie from blauthors

To welcome you to blauthors, download your FREE social media quickstarter freebie pack.  This pack includes 6 images you can use for personal and commercial use to help jump start your social media posts.  There are times that I find myself in a social media rut or a black hole of searching for what to […]