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Is it time to overhaul your content strategy? You don't have to start all over again from scratch. If you have content lying around on your hard drive, you can brush it up and leverage it to build your audience. The first step is to choose your best "cornerstone content.”
Here is how I am using Facebook lives to repurpose content - new and old to help grow your traffic to your digital content.
For the past few months, I have been using the best FREE weekly planner template ever! Your free gift from blauthors - the website for blogging authors.
Since it is January, I am feeling a resolution coming on. I have determined that my New Year's resolution for 2019 will be that I, Margaret Rice, will NOT run paid social media ads. There I said it! And you all heard it. So that means it has to come true right?
If you are just starting out your online presence, one of the first things on your to-do list is to find a domain name.  This is a fun part for me - exploring different names and finding what is available. I bought my first domain name over 10 years ago but I made three big mistakes with domain names for my businesses.  Take a moment to learn from my mistakes, because they are BIG ones that you don't want to make!
When you first begin selling digital products, it is very important to start your online business on the right financial path.  This process can take a little time; however careful planning and implementation can save mistakes and time down the road.  
If you are just starting out, you most likely need to learn how to build a brand online.  Maybe you are an established online business and need to rebrand or focus on one overall look for your brand.  In general, your brand is the image that people observe, develop, and relate to.  It connects you to your customers and prospects.

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