My #1 Way to Make Money Blogging

If you are a blogger, you most likely follow other bloggers and content creators to see what they are up to. What they post about, how their websites are set up, and how they are profitable. I am always super curious about how others establish and make money online. The deeper I dig, the more I am starting to realize that my business model is very different from others. Here is my insider information about my #1 way to make money blogging.

And PS – that is not me in the picture although I do wear glasses and like her shirt! LOL. I don’t normally get photos of myself with money pouring down around me.

I Don’t Advertise

First and foremost, I do not make money blogging with paid advertising on my websites. One day I will go much further into details with this to show you the exact numbers of why I do not think it is worth it. For now, just know I have zero advertising on any of my three websites so that my readers can stay focused on my content.

In addition, it is a pet peeve of mine sometimes, when I am stalking other websites and I can’t read an article because it is interrupted by so many ads. For me, I just leave the website and will find the information elsewhere.

I Don’t Do Launches

I don’t make money by doing sequences for launches for every single product I create. My business model is based on “more is better”. Sell one product, create more products to sell to those customers and keep the trend going. If I followed a launch sequence, I would be sending emails to people daily and then some since we release at least one new product a week.

Sometimes I listen to a podcast or read a book and start to panic because I don’t do launches. But then I think about certain retail outlets – does Old Navy do a launch every time they put out a new t-shirt? Nope. Magazines come out monthly – they don’t do launches. So I like to think of my websites and outlets where my readers can expect new products weekly just as if you had a subscription but you get to chose what issues you purchase.

I Don’t Do Product Reviews

I have done product reviews in the past. It is such a chore for me. Sure, I got free stuff but the pressure of having to write a review by a certain date was not for me. It stifled my creativity and became something I dreaded. On rare occasions (maybe twice), I find a product that I love and use and will write a review about it so that my readers are aware of it but I do not do it for affiliate income.

I am Not a Huge Fan of Being an Affiliate

Do I promote affiliate sales? Yes but I do not love it. Here’s why – because I have so many products and a strong following my customers expect a certain level of customer service. When I do affiliate sales, I have zero control over the customer service aspect. If one of my customers doesn’t receive a link to download something, I am on it right away to make sure they get it. I have affiliates that take days to get back to people. That bugs me big time. I’d rather not earn money that way.

I Create a Ton of Content

So now you are probably wondering how the heck do I make money blogging then? I do make money by creating a ton of content especially paid content. The purpose of writing blog content is to drive traffic to the paid content. My goal is to churn out about 1 product a week. Does it take time? Yes but not a ton of time. This is because I have a system in place to create content quickly.

Could I work smarter and not so hard creating a ton of content? Absolutely, but in reality, I LOVE to create content. I am learning new information that I want to research about so that is awesome! When I create free or paid printables, it is a creative outlet for me so that is awesome! And when I write blogposts, I love to go back and reread them to see where my thoughts were. Creating content literally brings me joy ( and money) so woohoo for me!

And by the way, we are not talking earning chump change by creating a ton of content. It may sound like I am bragging (and maybe I am a little bit since I am super proud of my businesses) but I also want you to realize it works! I have made over a million dollars in sales of digital products. Read more about my story here.

Moral of the Story

Do what works best for you but remember at the end of the day the goal is usually to turn a profit and make money blogging. What works for others, may not be the perfect model for your website. It is important to take pieces of what is successful for others and mesh it into something that works amazing for you and your readers!

If you are just starting out, it can be super difficult to have the confidence to do your own thing. Try following the steps to create a strong online presence but always tweaking it to make it your own.

There is a significant amount of information on the web about how to blog, write ebooks, create content and sell online but after a while you can be completely overwhelmed. In addition, you can get hyperfocused on one area of the business and disregard other areas that can help your business to grow.

The Running a Successful Online Business – 12 Checklists to Help You on the Path to Success provides as an overall, step by step, guide to help you establish your successful online business. Whether a newbie or a seasoned content creator, it is always helpful to review your online focus in all 12 of these areas.

Read more about how I became a full time blogger here.

My #1 way to make money blogging