Brainstorm Your Ebook to Jump Start Your Blogging Profits

Brainstorm ebook from blauthors

In my 10+ years of experience the best way to become a profitable blogger is to create digital content to support your blog niche.  Many bloggers may feel nervous or overwhelmed to even consider writing an ebook, but trust me after writing hundreds of them it is not that difficult.  You just need to take a little time to get your thoughts together to determine what you will publish.  The blauthors Brainstorm Your Ebook FREE 7 page PDF printable pack can help you do just that!  You can download this freebie at the bottom of the post by subscribing to our email newsletter to stay updated on all the latest freebies, ideas and tips.

Brainstorm Ebooks from blauthors

The Brainstorm Your Ebook FREE worksheets are based on 3 super easy ways to curate ebook ideas from your blog:

  1. Compile posts from one topic or category into one complete book.
  2. Find your top blog post. Expand that topic and write an ebook or create printables for that topic.
  3. Instead of publishing a super long blog post, write a summary and organize the info into a short ebook.

You may think that customer will not want to pay for what they can read for free.  Here is the kicker – many customers are willing to pay and so I am! Time is money – if you have compiled all the information on a topic I am interested in for me that saves me time which in turn saves me money allowing me to focus on something else.

Download your FREE Brainstorm Your Ebook worksheets by subscribing to our newsletter below.  If you are still not sure if you need to write an ebook, read this post for the top 5 reasons why every blogger should write an ebook.

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