Relax, It’s Summer Time

Lately, I have been feeling completely overwhelmed with blogging and content creation.  I have so many ideas and not enough time to get them all created.  Then, I finally find time to sit down and focus and I occasionally fall into the black hole of social media.  I plan on quickly scheduling a few posts and pins and 30 minutes later I am still posting and scheduling.  Shouldn’t that take 5 minutes maximum?  Well, never does for me.

So today at least I told myself to just relax.  It is summer time.  I enjoyed the nice weather, spent time with the kids and went for a swim. Doesn’t get any more summer than that!

This is the BEST part about being a blogger and content creator.  Enjoy the day and stay up a little late to get it all done.  No stress of a 9-5 job makes it pretty awesome!

Of course, I had to come home and create content tonight about celebrating Summer which should be all set by tomorrow.  In the meantime, remember to relax and enjoy summer.

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