Colorful Cloud Backgrounds FREE Perfect for Pinterest

Colorful Could Backgrounds

Colorful Cloud Backgrounds

I don’t know about you but I waste a TON of time on finding images for my blog.  It is to the point that hunting for good images has become part hobby, part obsession, and part ridiculousness.  Here is how it usually goes down – I have an idea for a blog post, I write the blog post in under one hour usually research included and then the obsession part kicks in.  I need to find the royalty free commercial use image.  So it begins.  I used to hunt for hours for a free one but gave up on that years ago.  I have a Shutterstock subscription which is AMAZING but the only problem is it completely feeds into my obsession.  They add thousands of images per day so I can get sucked into the black hole for hours.

Once I find the perfect image then I have to start resizing for each social media account.  Then the fonts (don’t get me started on the fonts since this too should be added to my obsession list).

Anyway, I created these colorful cloud backgrounds for FREE and they are the perfect size for Pinterest (download at the end of this post).

Each of the 10 free images is 725 x 1102 pixels.  Just toss some text on there on they are Pinterest perfect.  I made this one below as an example.  To the font fanatics like me, it is Satisfy and Raleway Thin (Google Open Source fonts).

The BEST thing about all of these Colorful Cloud Backgrounds is that you can use them for commercial use, no credit required.  Just tell a fellow blogger where you got them from any chance you can (haha!).

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