Why Bloggers Write the Best Ebooks

bloggers write the best ebooks

Why Bloggers Write the Best Ebooks

If you follow blogs, you know that there are people who write about everything including insects, cupcake recipes, organizing closets, financial tips, fashion and more.  The topics are endless!  Most bloggers tend to focus on one niche whether it be broad or a micro niche website the topic is written about in extreme detail.   Bloggers write about the same niche topics day after day after day after day.  It is usually a topic the blog owner is super passionate about or else he or she would not choose to focus on that topic.  If you are a blogger you know where I’m coming from when I say you probably know your topic better than most in the industry because of your strong focus and dedication to one topic. Bloggers who don’t focus on one small niche usually have an overall theme or topic ie cooking, organizing, blogging, social media, fashion, etc.  And that overall theme gets written about monthly, weekly or daily.

Bloggers are blauthors – blogger + author.  When you write as frequently as we do, you develop a strong style and expression over time.  You craft yourself into an amazing author.  Many times blog readers provide comments and feedback always adding to the original bloggers content or overall writing abilities.  This is turn helps to create new posts about what readers are looking to read more about.

So when a blogger takes the time to write an ebook, most likely it will be amazing content!  This ebook comes from hours and hours of writing experience, reader feedback and possibly practice of the skills the blogger is writing about.

For example, I write children’s activity ebooks that are based on years of experience as a: mother of 6 children, pediatric physical therapist and a blogger.  When you combine all of that work and life experience it creates for an extensive amount of background research before I even create the digital ebook.  Then add in years of graphic designing and the ebooks are hot sellers (if I do say so myself).

The only problem is that it can be hard to find ebooks written by bloggers unless you follow that specific blog.  For example, when I search Amazon for one of its 7.4 million Kindle titles, many times these small bloggers do not even come close to the top of the search results.  It is usually big time publishing houses that show up first with a few independent authors scattered throughout.

Now I will repeat the number – 7.4 million Kindle ebooks for sale currently!  How the heck can I find an amazing blogger with those kinds of numbers?

The goal of Blauthors, the online marketplace for blogging authors, is to create a directory of titles written by bloggers.  Then all buyers will know they are getting top notch content created by bloggers.  In addition, if you are a blogger, you will know that the profits from the sale of the title go to the blauthor (blogging author).

So let’s all unite and list our products in one location for all customers to be able to view our titles versus just our blog readers.

If you are a blogging author, apply to become a vendor on blauthors.

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bloggers write the best ebooks