Are You An Expert Blogger? Take the Quiz

Are you an expert blogger Take the Quiz

Are you an expert blogger?  Take the quiz to check your skill level.  I created the quiz just for fun and I happened to learn a few things along the way.  In fact, if I was to take the quiz I probably would not have come close to “expert blogger” status if I hadn’t created it.  Blogging has metamorphized into a huge, complicated career.  My website has been around for over 10 years and when I first started blogging you just typed your thoughts, ideas or suggestions.  Pre-Pinterest and we barely used images.  It was quick and easy.  Write, publish and share on Facebook.

Now blogging is a much more complex process: research topics, research keywords, write, rewrite, design images, redesign images, pick the perfect font, edit, publish, share on social media, create email and then maybe take a breath.  That is just for one post!  So yes, you do need to be an expert on blogging to blog.

So for fun, take my expert blogger 10 question quiz.  When you are done, you can click VIEW YOUR SCORE to see how you did.    Share your score on social media or challenge your blogging friends to see if they can get a better score than you.

Are you an expert blogger