How to Accelerate Blog Growth To Gain Followers

Accelerate Blog Growth

How to Accelerate Blog Growth

I have been blogging for just about a decade which is a SUPER long time for the blogosphere.  Therefore, I do have years of experience to back up my advice.  And, you may not like all my suggestions on how to accelerate blog growth because what works for some does not work for everyone.  BUT, this is what has worked for me.  

Be consistent over time!  

I can not repeat the above enough times.  Blogging is not a get rich scheme overnight.  In my opinion, if you see people who tell you that either they got VERY lucky and something went viral or they are a huge company with a team behind them.  The reality is blogging is hard work that requires consistency meaning frequent blogging.  Not once a month, I mean at least 2 times per week.

You also have to stick with it.  In order to start gaining a strong following, you have to give at least 6 months to your blog.  You need six months of posting, sharing and gaining traction to start to make a dent into the blogosphere.  Are their people who do it faster and quicker than this?  Absolutely there are but they are the minority not the majority of bloggers.

Be better than the other blogs in your niche.

Do you follow your competitor’s blogs?  If not, you should.  Go over those blogs with a fine tooth comb – what do you like about them, what do you dislike and how can you improve it.  What posts are popular?  Then make your blog even better!  Offer more tips and suggestions regarding the subject matter in their popular posts.  Make your images and call to action better.

Stay organized.

This is a tip I am offering because I know it would help me do better but I really struggle with organizational skills.  I love to write blog posts and create products, I don’t love to follow up and make sure I have shared those posts with outlet….  Ugh (keeping up with social media is a full-time job).  There are plenty of free printables out there to help you stay organized as a blogger that would be helpful to stay on the right track.  For example, here is a great printable to help stay organized with your thoughts while you brainstorm topics for ebooks to help make your blog be profitable.

Take the time to learn how to do it right.

This is another tip I am suggestion since I spent years doing it wrong.  Turns out it is not so horrible because I still have a ton of evergreen content even though I didn’t follow all the SEO rules when I first started.  In fact, one of my most popular posts on one of my websites is from 2009!

If I had been doing everything “correct” from that start I can not even imagine the blog growth I would have had but I am okay with that. Blogging is a creative outlet for me as well.  I enjoy the topics I blog about so even if my blog didn’t gain a significant amount of growth from a certain post I learned something from writing it.  I have seen blogs sky rocket past me who did it all right from the start – ie nice branding, perfect fonts, niche market, etc.  The funny thing is that those blogs may have earned more social media followers but I still have a large email list (which is AWESOME) and a larger passive income that the others – translation: I make more money!

Build alliances or relationships with others.

This is a must.  I have done this through the years and it has been very beneficial.  We help each other out.  Join Facebook groups or create one for people to collaborate in a closed environment.  You should look to forge these relationships with people who have larger followings and even your competitors.  In my experience, each blog attracts a slightly different group of people.  Your followers may be different than your competitors even though you blog about similar topics.

Always attempt to sell, upsell or collect an email address

I have become very good at this and it has helped tremendously.  My email subscriber list frequently grows in triple digits every day on one of my websites!  That is huge – that is 100+ potential new customers every day!  Everything I post includes offers opt in or markets a product for sale.  Therefore, each blog post can result in new customers or a potential new customer or many times both!  It is a win-win situation.

I reset this thinking a few months ago to make sure to do this on every single blog post I publish.  It helps to have the mindset starting out so that I craft each blog post to achieve that goal.

Be smart and efficient.

Create templates or outlines for posts that you can refer back to again and again.  This has helped me streamline and speed up the blogging process.  I have definitely accelerated my blog growth with these templates since it is a huge time saver allowing me to write more posts in a significantly shorter amount of time.  Not only do I use templates for blogging, I also use them for creating my digital documents.  If you are new to using templates you can download How to Write an Ebook in 30 Days to get started right away.

I also use templates for images (like these Pinterest backgrounds which are free) allowing me to just overwrite text and insert new images into different blog posts.  This saves tons of time and creates a cohesive look and branding across all my social media pages.  Regarding images, be efficient when you search for photos.  If you are looking for a free photo for commercial use, it can take time to find them and then are you really sure what the terms of use say?  Can you use it for your blog?  Do you have to provide credit?  It gets confusing.  It can just be easier to pay for royalty use photos that you can legally use on your blog.  Check out these photos ready for commercial use or these graphics that have extended commercial use licenses.  The terms of use are clear and for a few dollars, you potentially save hours of hunting for commercial use images.

In summary, to accelerate blog growth write, create and share.  Throw in a few ebooks to earn profits off your blog and you will be earning passive income before you know it.  Just give it time and effort!  Join blauthors for free and sign up to become a vendor so you too can create and share!  Have questions about where to get started, shoot me an email.

Accelerate Blog Growth