5 Ways to Generate Ideas for Profitable Ebooks

Generate Profitable Ideas for Ebooks5 Ways to Generate Ideas for Profitable Ebooks

I create about 3-4 ebooks per month so I need to have topics ready to go.  When I find some time to sit down and start writing, I do not want to waste time thinking about the overall theme or idea.  Usually, my list of ideas for ebooks or blog posts sometimes appears to be endless but there are times when I sit down to write and nothing comes to mind…..

Here are 5 ways to generate ideas for profitable ebooks.

Keep an ongoing list of ideas:  The BEST way for me to keep track of my ideas for ebooks is to write them down on actual paper.  I have a list of ideas where I write everything down that comes to mind.  I am frequently doing research for blog posts when I come across another idea and will write that down on the list.  This is my overall list where I try to keep track of every single idea.  It is not meant to be fancy or detailed.  Just the idea.  Write it down to make it available for reference at a later time.  You can download a copy of my template: Ideas for Ebook Topics by signing up to join our email list.

Google Analytics:  Log into your google analytics account.  Dig into what blog post topics are the most popular.  Compare what posts are most popular over the entire time your blog has been in existence and what topics are on the rise.  If you are just starting out writing ebooks, I would pick your most popular post of all time.  If you have been writing ebooks already, check which topics are trending.  Check what websites you have received referrals from.  Sometimes, that information can tell you about what customers want.

Social Media:   Check Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.  What posts have been shared, liked or pinned more often?  This obviously indicates that readers are interested in these topics.

Amazon:  Considering that Amazon currently has 7.4 million ebooks listed, you may want to stop by and check what topics are trending in the Kindle book store.  What has been at the top 10, climbing to the top 10 or steadily falling?  All this information can help you to determine what topics will be profitable.

Study your competitors:  When it comes to books, it is really hard to come up with a brand new idea that no one has ever written about. Take some time to study your competition.  What are they writing about that has been successful?  What can you do to make your ebook better?  What can you add that would make your ebook stand out from the crowd?

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Generate Profitable Ideas for Ebooks