Are You Having Trouble Selling Ebooks?

Trouble Selling EbooksAre You Having Trouble Selling Ebooks?

Do you ever notice how much time you can waste on the computer? You go searching for how to cook corn on the cob (which you should probably know already but I always forget) and before you know it I’m shopping for a grill with special injectors to make corn on the cob be the best it ever could be.  Then I waste another 30 minutes since I’ve watched 4 videos on Facebook on how to cook corn and I’m also learning about how to cook brussels sprouts.  I remember I don’t love frozen brussel sprouts but I’m no longer sure if I even want to eat the corn.  I start learning about growing brussels sprouts, gardening, and weeding. Before you know it two hours have passed and dinner is not on the table.

What I should’ve done was go straight to a bloggers website who has written a book on how to cook veggies the simple way.  You know there are plenty of bloggers who write about the basics of cooking.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if  I could find all these recipes I’m looking for in one convenient spot? so you do the math four hours of me wasting time in the Internet black hole or five minutes of finding just the right e-book with the simple recipes that I’m looking for

You do the math: four hours of me wasting time in the Internet black hole or five minutes of finding just the right e-book with the simple recipes that I need.

The problem is those e-books written by bloggers are not that easy to find. Although I wish they were. I can go on Kindle and may be able to find an ebook I am looking for.  Most likely though it may from a big-time publisher who is also selling 50 other cookbooks on extensive dishes or ethnic cooking.  I just want a simple book that I can digest quickly (get it digest…. hahaha).

If I do a Google search for how to cook corn and simple recipes I’m going to get zillions of returns none written by the blogger that probably wrote the best book on the topic since he or she spends every day writing about simple cooking techniques.

Do your subscribers find your ebook?  Of course, they do! But does the rest of the Internet find you?  Doubtful if you are only listed on Kindle among millions and millions of other ebooks.

The goal of blauthors is for all blogging authors to list our content in one area to make it so much easier for the consumer to find.  Customers want to find information quickly and rapidly from the people who know the most about it. In order to make that happen though, we need to come together as a community of blogging authors and make a decision to also list your box in the shop in addition to anywhere else you sell your ebook ie Kindle, Teachers pay Teachers, Creative Market, etc.

We need to join together to create one directory of where our awesome content will be sold!  Apply to be a blauthors vendor.

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trouble selling ebooks