Classic Passive Income Streams that Anyone Can Start

Classic Passive Income Streams that Anyone Can StartClassic Passive Income Streams that Anyone Can Start

Do you struggle to turn a profit on your blog?  Do you write post and after post hoping to generate ad revenue but only earn a mere pittance? Do you take amazing pictures for your blog posts so that they do well on Instagram and Pinterest to increase your traffic?  Chances are you already have great content to start your classic passive income streams (this post contains affiliate links).

There are plenty of additional ways to earn revenue from your blog and new ideas surface weekly.  At the end of the day though, there are a few ideas that stand out as classic, proven income streams to help increase your profits.  And the best part is that truly anyone can create these passive income streams using your computer.  For me, creating digital content is part paid income and part hobby which is what makes actually love my job.  Here are 5 classic passive income streams to increase your blog’s profit:

Ebooks: Electronic books are the BEST in my experience to earn passive income.  I have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars selling electronic printables, documents, and activity packs.  They are relatively inexpensive to create and you could even create them for free using Google Docs, Slides or Sheets.  I use Corel Draw (which is similar to Adobe Illustrator) to create most of my ebooks.  It is what I started with and I have learned to use it more efficiently now.  I also use Microsoft Word or Excel to create digital forms.

Here’s the deal – I happen to love creating all sorts of documents, but I don’t love staying with the same theme over and over again.  Ebooks allow me to constantly move from one theme to another (all within my niche of course) without having to go back and revisit old themes.  Once the ebook has been written, converted to a PDF file and cover images are created, it is all ready for sale.  No need to restock the shelves! Once the product description and PDF has been uploaded it is all set.  Super easy!

Graphics/Clipart:  Graphics and clipart are easy to create for sale but you do need some graphic design abilities.  Whether you create clipart, digital papers, logos, marketing materials or endless other ideas, you may want to invest in a drawing software.  It is helpful to try out different types to start.  You can trial Adobe Illustrator for 30 days to get a feel for how it works.  Other drawing programs on the iPad are free to start.  I prefer Corel Draw but like I said that is only because that is what I know how to use the best.  Again, once you create the graphics you can sell as EPS files, JPG or PNG images.  No need to restock the shelves for these either.  Invest your time and creativity and start selling.

Stock Photos:  Do you take a ridiculous amount of pictures for your blog posts?  I know I do! I used to search Graphicstock (very reasonable commercial photo use website) and then I finally purchased a Shutterstock membership now that I operate 3 websites.  But whenever I can I still prefer to take my own photos.  The wonderful thing about taking your own pictures for your blog is that you do not have to worry about commercial use of the images.  You took the picture, you own the rights.  But what about all the pictures you took that you didn’t use for the blog post?  Would they benefit another blogger?  You can list your stock photos for sale individually on some websites like Shutterstock or in bundles here on blauthors.

Stock Video Footage:  Stock videos have a higher ticket price than stock photos.  Again, though if you have a decent camera you can take video footage of nature, pets, food, etc and upload it for sale.  You can check out Videoblocks for reasonably priced video footage but it is still a big expense if you are just starting as a blogger.

Music:  Have you ever considered creating digital music?  Bloggers need commercial use background music when creating videos for social media especially You Tube.  It can be hard to find high-quality background music at a reasonable price.  You can use various apps on your tablet or the computer to create different digital music in mp3 format and upload for resale.

There are many other ways you can generate passive income if you are a blogger beyond advertising.  Start thinking beyond just showing ads and how you can share your knowledge and talents to generate income.

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Classic Passive Income Streams that Anyone Can Start