Ebooks Vs Printed Books – The Winner Is…

Ebooks vs printed booksEbooks Vs Printed Books – The Winner is…

The publishing industry has literally (pun intended) been turned upside down over the past decade.  Years ago, big publishing houses were the only way you could get your book out in the market.  Then slowly, smaller publishers emerged creating small print runs.  Recently, there has been a huge swelling of self-publishers.  Books can now be printed and/or delivered electronically quite easily by big publishers and the little guys.  The battle continues and the winner remains to be seen between ebooks vs printed books.

Here are some super awesome things about ebooks:

  • instant delivery – we are an instant gratification society so this is major!
  • Full-color images for no extra charge
  • interactive documents – you can include hyperlinks, forms, and even video
  • some ebooks that are in PDF format can also be printed following instant delivery
  • more titles on smaller topics that big publishing houses would not bother with
  • flexibility to create shorter ebooks, super long books and everything in between without a change in cost

Here are the bonuses to printed books:

  • the ability to touch and feel the printed pages
  • less distraction – no beeps or alerts going off that you received an email or a social media like
  • frustration free – think of spotty wifi or computer viruses, you know the type of stuff that makes you want to breathe fire!  Books do not have any of those “issues”.
  • no one can share your product unlike some ebooks where there is a risk of sharing content
  • peaceful, calm and quiet

So want to know who wins the ebooks vs printed books battle?  The winner is…… THE PDF DOCUMENT!

Here are the amazing things about offering ebooks as PDF documents:

  • instant delivery and you can print it!  It is the perfect marriage of instant electronic delivery and printed books (if you so choose).
  • extra bonus – no additional conversion needed for the Kindle or iBook store.

From a business perspective, the beauty of self-publishing overall is that you can choose to do both.  You can offer your e-book in printed and PDF format so that customers who prefer the real book have that option, and customers who want the instant gratification of electronic delivery have that option, too!

So what is stopping you from creating ebooks?  The answer should be nothing!  If you are passionate about a topic which I know you are if you are a blogger, then start writing.  Need suggestions on where to start?  Sign up for our newsletter below to receive the FREE ebook planner.

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Ebooks vs printed books