Learn the BEST Way to Write Ebooks with This Proven Strategy

Learn the BEST Way to Write Ebooks with This Proven StrategyLearn the BEST Way to Write Ebooks

Do you struggle to find time to write a complete ebook?  Does it hang over your head like dead weight?  Are you unsure of what is the best way to write ebooks?  Perhaps, you have written a few pages or even a few hundred pages but it is not completed.  Or maybe, you have a ton of ideas but the thought of writing it all down at once brings you down.  Whatever your situation is, writing an ebook does not have to be a large, overwhelming hassle.  And, if you blog you probably already have tons of content.

My biggest problem when it comes to ebook creation is the creating part.  I LOVE to write but I dislike sticking with one topic.  So I bounce from one thing to the next to keep my interest level up.  The result is a bit of a scattered blog and focus but the flip side is I always love getting to work when I sit down at the computer.  Finally, a lightbulb went on in my head.  I don’t need to write new content, I need to ORGANIZE my current content and add to it little by little.  Read below to find out how I have written hundreds of ebooks over the years following this step by step sequence. (this post contains affiliate links)  This proven strategy has worked for me over and over again.  It allows me to earn a six-figure income from content creation.

Easy Sequence to Write an Ebook:  Steps 1-5

Step 1:  Pick your overall topic.  If you blog and have never written an ebook before, head over to Google Analytics.  Pick a topic based on your most popular pages.  Since potential customers are already coming to your blog to read about that topic, it will be much easier to market your book.  If you are super new, pick your favorite topic so that you will not lose interest.

Step 2:  Formulate a very general outline of the book.  I mean very general here – beginning, middle, and end.  Sometimes I skip this step.  I despise outlining. I work better by just jumping in and getting started.

Step 3:  Review your past posts.  Are there any posts you can string together to jumpstart the ebook?  If yes, copy and paste them into a Word file.  First of all, you may be amazed at how quickly page numbers increase based on the content you have already written.  Second of all, even if it is just 10 pages, it will give you a confidence boost that you already have 10 pages of your book written.

Step 4:  Increase your blog posts on that topic.  Start adding blog posts either directly providing information about the topic or smaller bits of information about the topic.  Here are some examples of what I have created.  I make printable workbooks and create a few free pages for the workbook.  These free pages are used as lead magnets to collect email addresses.  If you are a fiction author, maybe you could increase blog posts on non-fiction topics about your fiction books i.e. love story set in France so perhaps add a blog post about Romantic Places to Visit in France.

Step 5:  Each time you write a blog post that can be added to your book outline, copy and paste it into your overall Word document.

Steps 6-9:  The Nitty Gritty

Step 6:  Complete the book.  Review what you already have and fill in the holes and add some additional content.

Step 7:  Create a cover yourself or hire someone to create one for you. Need inspiration or help designing a cover?  Check out this blog post about the 100 Most Creative Book Covers. You can create book covers easily on websites such as Canva or Picmonkey.  If you have no design talent, someone will design one for you at Fiverr.

Step 8:  Convert to PDF and start selling anywhere and everywhere.

Step 9:  Go back to the previous blog posts that discuss your topic and add a sales pitch at the end of the post to purchase the book.  Add links within the posts back to the book.  Slowly reshare all those previous posts on social media.

Using this step by step sequence is the best way for me to write ebooks.  You are essentially writing the book as you blog bringing traffic to your website.  Do I write books in a more traditional manner at times?  Most definitely.  Not every single topic can be written about in this manner but it will speed up the process.  When I need to write old-school style, I do follow an outline similar to this freebie –  Download our the free ultimate guide on how to write an ebook in 30 days.

Is this the BEST Way to Write Ebooks for You?

It may be, it may not be BUT it has worked for me over and over again.  I am just like most small business content creators.  I read other blogs and listen to podcasts about passive income, writing ebooks and marketing.  One huge difference, is I make the majority of my money writing ebooks that have nothing to do with blogging.  There are many “specialists” out there who can help guide you write ebooks to make money.  Just be sure to check if they have written any other books besides books about making money, writing books or marketing your books.

What is your best tip for writing ebooks?

Learn the BEST Way to Write Ebooks with This Proven Strategy