Why Should I Sell on blauthors and Not Focus on Affiliates?

Why Should I sell on blauthors and not focus on affiliates

Perhaps you are wondering why should I sell on blauthors and not focus on affiliates?  If you are a blogger, this might be one of the first questions you ask about blauthors. Affiliate sales are great passive income for sure – someone else works hard to promote your product and you collect the cash.  The only problem is that it is definitely not that easy.  You have to find people who want to promote your products and make sure it fits within their niche market.  Then when you did find someone, you are usually shelling out 50% of each sale.          

One of the first benefits of blauthors is that it may be less expensive. Blauthors only takes 30% of each sale where many blogging authors have their affiliate rate set to 50%. 

Second of all, we handle all the customer service. As a successful blogging author, it can be difficult to stay on top of customer issues in a timely manner. People order electronic documents for a reason – they want the information right away so if something goes wrong or they need help accessing a download they still want it right away. Let blauthors take care of it for you. 

Direct affiliates tend to promote products in one or two blogposts and move on. On blauthors, if you have a popular product you will be promoted over and over again by being at the top of the listings in your category. 

Direct affiliates are great too and there is nothing stopping you from doing both – selling on blauthors and using affiliate sales.  When you list a product on blauthors you can still sell or promote your product anywhere else, affiliates and beyond!