What Can I Sell on blauthors?

What can I sell on blauthors

I LOVE this question so thanks for asking (wink,wink).  What can I sell on blauthors?????  ANY DIGITAL PRODUCTS you can think of. Perhaps you have a ebook you have written already – list it on blauthors!  Maybe you have some great printables to sell – list it on blauthors! Here are some ideas:

  1. ebooks in any category including fiction
  2. printables in any category
  3. stock photos
  4. music tracks
  5. video clips
  6. courses
  7. memberships
  8. podcasts
  9. audible books
  10. services

All of the above can be sold and delivered electronically.  Ebooks, printables, music tracks, audio tracks and videos are super easy to provide immediate delivery to the customer immediately following payment.

For  courses, memberships and services, you can create a quick PDF that will get delivered to the customer immediately following payment with directions on how to access their purchases.  You will receive a link for each sale therefore you will have access to the customers email address so you can approve access to the course, membership or services.