What is blauthors?

So you stumbled upon the website and you are wondering what is blauthors?  Blauthors is a brand new website for blogging authors. The word comes from bl (blogger) plus authors (all bloggers are authors).  My original goal was for blauthors to become an online marketplace for bloggers. Individual bloggers are able to become a vendor to sell items on blauthors.  My goal has shift somewhat now though.

Amazon is just feeling so HUGE right now – how do I tackle that?  Kind of impossible right?  It shows my entrepreneur side through and through.  I’m a big dreamer there is no doubt about that.  But I do take a TON of action too!  Therefore, I realized my true focus needs to be on helping others to create digital content to generate passive income.

Can blogging authors still sell on blauthors?  Sure, you can sell on blauthors and make money or buy on blauthors knowing other bloggers will profit. It is win-win situation.  

As a blogging author myself, running two profitable websites, I spend quite a bit of time searching for photos and music for blogposts, ebooks and videos. I have a stock photo subscription which is wonderful but sometimes the photos I need are just not there or the terms of use are limited. Sometimes, I am searching for a quick read or blogging ebooks and usually land up on Amazon. I’m searching through Amazon Kindle and not finding that specific niche title I need.  I KNOW there are tons of other bloggers who have written great material that I can not find in the hundreds of thousands of titles on Amazon. Wouldn’t it be awesome if all the bloggers listed their products for sale in one location and on each individual blogger’s website? Hence, the idea of blauthors was born. 

Hopefully you will join me on developing a great resource for blogging authors aka blauthors. 

If you want to learn how to create digital products follow the blog and check our workbooks.

If you want to become a vendor on blauthors head here for all the details. 

If you want to support other bloggers, shop on blauthors with confidence that bloggers will be compensated for their creative ebooks, music tracks, stock photos and more!

Have questions?  Shoot us an email at [email protected].

What is blauthors?