How to Turn Physical Products into Digital Products

How to Turn Physical Products into Digital ProductsHow to Turn Physical Products into Digital Products

Are you confused already?  What the heck am I talking about – taking physical products and magically turning them into digital products???  Thinking you need a 3D printer?  Nope!  All you need is your computer and your time to start creating the digital products.  Hear me out.

Let’s say you sell handmade jewelry.  You sell on Etsy, you sell on Amazon, flea markets and you sell in your local shops on consignment.  Your jewelry is popular but maybe many customers just study and admire it.  As an artist who creates jewelry, you must have an eye for color, design and a knowledge on how to use the tools to create the jewelry.  Here is where the “digital side” comes into play.

Use all of that background information and write an ebook helping others to learn your craft.  It may be a step by step tutorial on how to make your specific jewelry or maybe a beginner’s guide to jewelry making.  You could come up with other options as well – templates for specific pieces, guide to the best stores to purchase materials, etc.  Once the ebook is published and ready for sale, you can promote it in your Etsy shop or here on blauthors to start earning passive income while you continue to sell your physical jewelry.

Let’s use a different example.  Perhaps you sell sneakers in your store.  You spend all day every day helping people choose the perfect sneaker.  You might know which brands fit the best or get the best customer feedback.  Can you compile all that knowledge into an ebook?  The amount of choices available for sneakers can be overwhelming and time-consuming.  Can you help people walk through those steps before they even enter the store?

If you don’t have a physical product, how about physical actions?  Look to your career or leisure activities for ideas. Maybe you are a nurse at a nursing home.  Can you compile all of your knowledge from working with the geriatric population into an ebook for caregivers at home?  It can be very stressful to bring a loved one home from the hospital.  Having a step by step guide of routines, tips, suggestions to help make that transition easier may be very beneficial to families.  Start earning passive income off your knowledge while you are still working your regular job.

One more example, perhaps you are amazing at one particular hobby.  Let’s pick hosting parties!  I know many people who love to host parties and are excellent at it (a skill I do not have).  Could you create an e-learning course to teach others how to plan and host parties with the perfect menus?

The possibilities are truly endless to learn how to turn physical products and actions into digital products.  Start brainstorming today about how to share your knowledge with others through the sale of digital products and make extra cash!

If you want to start to increase your passive income, consider adding new products to your income stream.  Want to write an ebook?  Download our the free ultimate guide on how to write an ebook in 30 days.

How to Turn Physical Products into Digital Products